The Royal 97th Entry

No 1 School of Technical Training - RAF Halton

Richard 'Cookie' Cook's Photo Album

A Flight, Room 3

Room 3 A Flight (1961), from the left , Pete Hannant, Ray Goodson, Stuart Hoy, Laurie Grimley, Allen Fitz-John, Richie Cook, Spike Hall, Johnny Elmer, Tommy Handley, Johnny Harding, Sgt Cooke, Colin Heithus, Ginge Havercroft, Ivor Curtis, Dennis Hoskin, Mal Hobbs, Mick Howarth and Tony Fentum.

A Flight football team

A Flight Football Team - losing finalist (on the toss of the coin) 3 Wing Knock-out Cup March 1961

Back row - George Heron, George (Archie) Butler, Ray Goodson, Noel Rutherford, Ken Pearson, Mick Titterton,

Front row - Bob Bessant, Dave(Yuk) Smith, Richie Cook (capt) Mick Lowe. Charlie Bannister.