The Royal 97th Entry

No 1 School of Technical Training - RAF Halton

Rod 'Elvis' Maynard's Photo Album

B Flt 1962

Rod's Photos

L - R rear, Bish, Lance St Cyr, "Yogi" Simpson and Paul Hibberd with thumb up.
Centre row R Sims, James King, Phillips and R Mitchell.
Front row Tisbury, Smith, "Moth" Baldry and "Taff" Edwards.

Rod's Photos

???, Clive Smith and Rod Maynard

Rod's Photos

R Mitchell, Paul Hibberd and Rod Maynard

Rod's Photos

Elvis Maynard

Rod's Photos

Block 2 barrack room ready for daily inspection

Rod's Photos

Rod Maynard

Rod's Photos

Aerial photo of Halton taken from a Chipmunk

Rod's Photos

The team that appeared at the Albert Hall displaying the range of RAF sports

Weight Lifters

Weight lifters, Rod on left

Group photo

James King, Yogi Simpson, Rod Maynard
R Mitchell, Phillips, Lance St Cyr

R Mitchell and Rod

R (Segovia) Mitchell and Rod