The Royal 97th Entry

No 1 School of Technical Training - RAF Halton

Royal Rhodesian Air Force

Royal Rhodesian Air Force

There were 7 members of the Royal Rhodesian Air Force in the 97th Entry

R5291 A Z S Barski, Electrics - Resigned 1/11/1968 after going on to PTC to get married

R5294 Pete G Braithwaite, Engines - Resigned 17/8/1967

R5287 M S Dunwell, Armament - Resigned 31/7/1973. Flt Sgt Re-engaged 1/2/1974

R5288 George R Heron, Engines - Worked in Engine Repair Section prior to being commisioned. LINK Photo is George in RRAF hockey team 1968. LINK See also LINK

George Heron

R5289 Malcolm Hill, Engines - Resigned 1/4/1965

R5292 Powell, Electrics - Retired 1988-Squadron Leader

R5295 Ian M Wall, Engines - Resigned 1/12/1965

Extra information from Rhodesian Forces website.

Has anyone got photos or further information about them


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