The Royal 97th Entry

No 1 School of Technical Training - RAF Halton

97th Entry Stained Glass Window at St. George's Church

97th Window - The Stained Glass Windows of St. George's Church

In 1997 the then RAF C of E Padre at St Georges Church, the Rev Richard Lee, suggested that the Association encourage its members to install stained glass windows in the church to commemorate their time at Halton. The membership was immediately enamoured of this idea and soon windows, depicting Entry numbers, Wing colours, Entry badges, famous (and infamous!) Entry activities and a host of other events were appearing in glorious coloured glass: each telling something of its creator's time at Halton. For example the 2nd Entry shows the tunic and puttees that the early apprentices wore and one of the aircraft types that was in service in 1922.

From the RAF Halton Aircraft Apprentices Association website.

Des Knowles (Engines) was instrumental in the installation of the Entry window. Here he explains the rational behind the design.

“The small yellow and blue panels represent the 3 Wing and 2 Wing hat bands worn during the 97th’s time at RAF Halton. The small green panels represent the school colours of No 1 School of Technical Training. The story commences at the bottom of the window with the Apprentice Wheel and the dates of the Entry’s time at RAF Halton. Above is the Entry Crest designed whilst we were at RAF Halton showing the Entry number in roman numerals. The laurel leaves have been changed from the original silver to green for greater impact in a stained glass window. Above the Entry Crest is the under view of a Vulcan, which landed on the grass strip at RAF Halton during the final tem at schools. Above the Vulcan is the Junior Technician stripe signifying that the 97th Entry were the last to graduate with the stripe. 1961-1963”